Perhaps you are not taking a walking or cycling holiday this year, or are transiting a city on route to start your tour. many cities have local walks to see more of that city at a slower pace.

SINGAPORE: Perhaps you hadn't thought of this one. Try these walks.

AMSTERDAM: A city made for exploration by foot or bycycle. Read here.

EDINBURGH: So much history living and dead!! Try these walks

LEIPZIG: So much musical history in this city! Try this walk or bike route.

UK: Some great day bike routes. Drive and Bike the UK?

New Zealand: Kaikoura Hike and Bike tours. Walk and bike Kaikoura

BrakeAway Bike Tours of London for something different! An informative introduction to the timeless city. Take it from me, the editor who used to be a pushbike courier in London!

Don't forget, for our main holidays if you get a small group of you together the price can come down.

The Alternative London Bike Tour

The Alternative London Bike Tour takes you where no other London tour has gone before! On bikes we are able to take you much further into London's amazing East End for the most comprehensive insight yet into it's interesting past, it's cultural present and a huge amount of street art that can't be seen on any other tours.

This is the ultimate Alternative London tour which covers everything from our Alternative walking tours, our street art bike tour, a ride along London's scenic canals as well as venturing way off the beaten track into parts of East London that our walking tours can't reach.

We ride at a relaxed pace along quiet roads and cycle paths, taking plenty of breaks along the way and we always keep our groups small.


Moscow and Russian Bike Tours

Enjoy casual day rides in Moscow or more intense in Siberia

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